Therapeutic Products

The use of therapeutic products can positively support the healing process as well as aiding in prevention of injuries.
Also excellent for better recovery after intense training
sessions and competitions.
We have tested the following products in our daily work. The products can be purchased either directly from our facility or we can deliver them to you.
Talk to us, we will be happy to advise you!



ST-Bridle -
Poll-friendly bridles and double bridles


Static Magnetic field products for horse and rider






is used for prophylaxis and for degenerative changes.  The action takes place in the cellular level.  Magnetic therapy promotes growth, cell regeneration and metabolism.  The healing process is affected positively. e.g. with fissures, fractures, tendon injuries, degenerative joint disease, muscle tension.  

Magnetic field therapy reduces pain, boost the immune system and accelerates the recovery from physical and mental exhaustion,  

Available as stable boots, blankets and saddlecloths.  


    Pulsing Magnetic Field Therapy "Professional Line"

electronically-powered, pulsing magnetic field blankets and boots


Long lasting cooling paste for tendons and joints after strenuous exercise or competitions, swelling, acute injuries. Skin-friendly.  Absolutely doping free!

Mühldorfer Horse feeds

wholesome - natural - balanced - healthy

Targeted feeding with specially adapted ingredients for individual needs.  

Prebiotic and probiotic formula to build up a healthy intestinal flora.




Aqua therapy
Therapeutic Products