The success of any operation or treatment of an injury is hugely dependent on the post-care and retraining of the equine.
Everybody knows about problems that can arise during the retraining of horses coming back into work. Our treatment possibilities decrease the risk of re-injury or renewed pain caused by uncontrolled motions. Moreover the duration of the rehabilitation is noticeably shortened. So you save money as well as time.

The Aqua therapy is our main focus when rehabilitating a horse.

In cooperation with the veterinarian in which you have confidence, we will create a training program especially for your horse.

In addition we offer the following treatments:
Magnetic field therapy:
Electric therapy:
Ultrasound therapy:
Reha Taping / Kinesio Taping:
Leech therapy:
Treatment of the respiratory system:
Hoof care and orthopaedic shoeing:


Our treatment possibilities:

Physiotherapy contains a wide spectrum of therapy forms. It is an important component in the convalescence. At the highest point of training, as well as after long training breaks, muscle tensions or irritations can occur. These can cause a lack of elasticity and flexibility.

The physiotherapist examines the structural and anatomical facts and problems. In addition, he analyzes the mobility of the joints and searches the muscles for tensions, nodules or injuries. Based on these results, he develops an efficient therapy plan.

Other components of the physiotherapist's work are the magnetic field therapy, electrotherapy , ultrasound therapy and the massage therapy.

Magnetic field therapy:  

Magnetic field therapy supports and accelerates the healing process of all illnesses resulting from a troubled or slowed metabolism. Depth effective and pulsating vibrations cause a loosening of the muscles and a stimulation of the immune system as well as an increase of power.

Metabolism, growth and functioning of all body cells are determined by electro magnetic swinging. Illness as well as injuries like; tendon tears, traumas and fractures cause metabolic problems problems.

A vicious circle: The regeneration of the body is dependent on a well operating metabolism to build new cells and tissue. This is where the magnetic field therapy comes in.

The cells and the metabolism are activated and stimulated by the addition of magnetic energy. The healing process of many diseases is positively supported, the body can regenerate. Furthermore, the stimulation of the metabolism effects an enhancement of power and strengthens the immune system.

Magnetic field therapy is also a significant factor in prophylactic health care:

Pulsating vibrations stimulate the metabolism; the muscles are loosened and supplied with more oxygen. This prevents injuries and over-acidification. The phase of regeneration is noticeably shortened.



Another very special treatment is the electrotherapy. It can only be applied by an experienced physiotherapist in collaboration with a veterinarian.

Various intensities of the electrical current best suited for the disease/injury can be used for the following problems:

Pain due to tense muscles ( too much tension in the muscles )
Support of the blood flow
Loosening of ten muscles
Diseases/injury of the muscular-skeletal system (bones, joints, cysts, tendons, muscles)

Caused by a trauma:

Distortions (sprain), contusions (bruises), strains.

Degenerative kinds:

Osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis of the spine, atrophy of the muscles

Mode of operation :

Analgizing (attenuation of pain)
Tonus regulating (regulating the grade of strain in (parts of) an organ, e.g. muscles).
Hyperamising (stimulating the blood flow )
Resorption encouraging (increase of metabolism)
Elektro gymnastic practice

Mode of functioning:

Analgic (soothing)
tone-regulating (regulation of the degree of an organ's tension)
blood flow increase
metabolism raising
electro-gymnastic exercises


Ultrasound therapy:


This kind of therapy has, depending upon therapy-parameters, a thermal effect or acts as a kind of micro-massage in the tissue - excellent to apply on tendon or muscle problems. Due to its complex effectiveness, the ultrasound therapy belongs to the mechanic-thermal therapies.

Good experiences have been made in the treatment of:

Strained ligaments
Wind Puffs/Wind Galls
Loss of elasticity in joint capsules
Scar tissue
Bursal enlargement of tendon sheath
Tense and painful muscles
Soft tissue injury


Massages :


The equestrian sport is a serious sport – for an athlete to enable the entire spectrum of strength and energy they need to be extensively attended to. In human medicine, massages for athletes or patients belong to the therapeutic routine. Horses profit from the efficiency concerning prevention and treatment of muscle problems just as much as humans do. Mispositioned joints, blockages in the spine, insufficient exercise, ill fitting saddles – all of these things can cause tension, clotting and even little knots in the muscle tissue. Massage can effectively loosen and activate the muscular system.

Mode of functioning :

Improvement of blood circulation within the muscle
Better evacuation of contaminants
Loosening of tensions
Removal of myogelosis (knots)
Improvement in the gliding of muscles
Relaxation and pain relief



In the centre of chiropractic stands the malfunctioning of the spine (blockades, see below) and the impact of those dysfunctions on the nervous system and even the entire organism. It restores the motility of the joints or the disordered spinal statics to health and permits the horse to use its full activity potential.
Chiropractic can be applied to acute as well as chronic problems. When chronic extremity diseases or tendon issues are existing, a treatment can support the healing and prevent secondary back problems.
This kind of therapy doesn't treat the symptoms – it treats the cause of back problems. Applied appropriately, a chiropractic treatment can be an effective precaution for your horses' health and quality of life.


For a chiropractor, a blockage is a functional malposition of a vertebra or the blockade of its joints. Consequently, this means that the normal motility range of the vertebra is limited. Stiffness of the spine, muscle tension and a disturbance of the range of motion can be the consequence.

If the mobility between two vertebrae is reduced it can have an impact on the nerve cords that leaves the spinal cord at this point. It can come to a disturbance of the stimulus or information conduction, which are needed for the coordination of body functions and, respectively, all muscle contractions, in a stamped or squeezed nerve. Every movement – from the twitch of the tail up to complicated dressage movements – is enabled by synchronization of various muscles. If the nerve fibres, that innervate those muscles, are disturbed in their function, the cooperation collapses. Usually, little distortions will only have little impact, but they can still reduce the horse's activity potential in challenging exercises. False movements caused by malfunctioning coordination can cause other tendons to be injured.
A horse with blockages compensates by reducing flexibility by adjusting its movements and posture which leads to increased pressure on other parts of the spine or extremities. Secondary, this can cause further blockages and a worsening of its condition, as well.


Leech therapy:

"Hirudo medicinalis"- natures medicinal aid! Leeches are all-rounders – There is a good reason why they are making an important comeback in human and veterinary medicine. With their 240 little teeth, they saw a star-shaped wound in the skin of the patient and cause a small venesection. The act of sucking can take 30 minutes and longer. Openings between the teeth release the saliva. This secrete is rubbed into the skin deeper and deeper by the sawing movement without mentionable pain. The secret lays in the composition of the saliva – scientists suppose it consists of more than 40 active ingredients. It acts as anti-inflammatory, blood-thinning and vessel-expanding. The most known ingredient is hirudin; it provokes a fast stoppage of clotting of the blood by inactivating thrombin, which is necessary for clotting.

Leechs help shorten the healing process in numerous areas:

  • Tendinitis
  • Tenosynovitis
  • Bruises
  • Abscesses
  • Oedema
  • Thrombosis
  • Not healing wounds
  • Acute founder
  • Cicatrization
  • Stimulation of the lymph flow
  • Contraindications

  • After the intake of blood thinning medication
  • Heart insufficiency
  • Hirudin-allergy
  • very old horses
  • very weak horses
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    Reha Taping / Kinesio Taping :

    Kinesio Taping is familiar to most athletes. At the 2012 Olympic Games one could observe many of the athletes across all the various disciplines with the colorful taping on their bodies. Taping also has proven useful in the process of rehabilitating horses. The highly flexible tape has many positive functions, such as:

    • Improving relaxation and blood flow in the muscle
    • Allowing more oxygen absorption in the muscles
    • Stimulating the lymphatic system
    • Stabilising of the joints
    • Correcting bad posture
    • Reducing pain
    • Releasing energy blockages

    How taping functions:

    The skin is the largest sensory organ and is in practice often referred to as the ‚Reflex organ'

    Through the horse's movement the skin applied with tape is continuously and lightly lifted then released. Just like a gentle 24-hour massage the blood circulation, transport of oxygen and flow of lymphatic fluid are activated. Additionally the skin mechanoreceptors are stimulated. Mechanoreceptors are the sensory cells of the skin that convert mechanical applications like massages, pressure or touch into nerve impulses.Through this stimulation the relevant fascia and muscles are activated, relaxed or soothed.


    • Muscle dysfunctions such as tightness, inflammation or muscle gelling (hardening)
    • Nerve inflammation
    • Hematoma
    • Lymphatic jams/blockages
    • Restricted movement
    • Scars
    • Tendon problems
    • Posture problems/weaknesses and incorrect joint position.
    • Pain

    The goal is always freedom from pain and to not only achieve, but also maintain complete function and movement.


    Originally, acupuncture comes from China and is one of the oldest therapies in the world. It is based on the belief in two forces that are in a dynamic balanced proportion to each other – Ying and Yang. If both forces are in balance, the organism is healthy. If one force dominates the other, an energy flow blockage will be the result. Thus, one part of the organism will contain too much energy, another part not enough. The Chinese don't believe in isolated disease processes because all functioning circles of the body are linked to each other. They discovered that certain points at certain parts of the body always refer to the same organ or organ-system. The energy system, which links the organs, is the system of energy meridians that build a combination of vertical and horizontal meridian lines. The manipulation of certain acupuncture points – which usually lay on the meridians – improves the flow of energy, called Qi.
    This manipulation is performed with acupuncture needles. Besides the location of the acupuncture points, the direction and depth of stinging has to be regarded. Acupuncture is a medical science of regulation, which means it works with the body's ability to respond. It can only work if the body still has some mobile energy reserves. Not only acute but also chronic diseases can be treated very well with acupuncture.

    Treatment of the respiratory system:


    For the treatment of problems with the horse's respiratory system we use ultrasound inhalation. Only this new technology allows such a thin mist of active ingredients or medicine, so even the smallest alveoli can be reached. No matter if prophylactic or on acute diseases, the so called aerosol-therapy produces amazing results – especially during movement on the treadmill. The absorption and the coughing up of superfluous mucus are improved through deep and regular breathing.

    For ultrasound inhalation, we use saline solutions or herbal substances. If medication is necessary in acute cases the veterinarian will be consulted.

    On top of that, individual feed, bedding with a low grade of dust, a well ventilated stall and exercise in fresh air are a must.


    A high performance quartz produces thin fog with small aerosol-particles with a size of 0.47 - 6 µmm.
    The performance – about 6.7 ml/min – is very high and also meets the needs of horses with short inhalation times.
    The respiratory mask is shaped especially for horses and allows the highest efficiency due to the optimal placement of the breathing in- and outlets.



    The newest therapeutic method at Kathmann-Vital is the Hipposanum from LEXIN. The horse is tempered evenly from all sides by the leading infrared technology. It warms up without sweating and its cardiovascular system is not stressed. The application is used before or after work – depending on the horse's problem.

    Mode of functioning:

    The IR-C-radiation, with an ingress depth of maximum 0.5 mm, is absorbed up to 80% in the epidermis – the outer skin layer – and up to 20 % in the dermis – the layer underneath. The so called thermo-receptors – free nerve ending for the perception of heat – lay in those skin layers.
    Furthermore, the smallest end-vessels of the micro circulation system of the skin lay there, too. The absorbed heat is sensed immediately and the thermo-regulatory system is activated.
    The blood transports the absorbed heat into the inner body. The energy level of the tissue rises because the IR-C-radiation stimulates the molecules in their vibration. This causes positive physiological effects:

    •  oxygen-content in the blood rises
    •  skin respiration improves
    •  metabolic waste products are increasingly being removed
    •  muscles aches after overexertion are reduced because lactic acid can be metabolized quicker
    •  enzymes are stimulated
    •  cellular regeneration is accelerated

    Application area:

    •  muscle tension
    •  arthritic complaints
    •  stimulation of the lymphatic system
    •  stimulation of the metabolism
    •  before chiropractic of physio-therapeutic treatment
    •  skin problems
    •  assistance during respiratory diseases, e.g. in combination with ultrasonic inhalation
    •  heating before exercise
    •  relaxation after exercise

    What is infrared:

    Infrared is a kind of light which cannot be seen by the human eye. One of its special characteristics is the radiation of energy in form of heat.
    Depending on the wavelength, infrared is separated into A, B and C.
    IR-A ingresses up to 5 mm into the skin and does not hit the thermo-receptors, which limits the reception of heat and may cause uncontrolled heating.
    IR-B and C do not ingress as deeply and thus stimulate the thermo-receptors.

    Our LEXIN-Hipposanum uses long-waved IR-C-radiation!

    Hoof care and orthopaedic shoeing:

    Americans say „No hoof – no horse“ . And they are right!

    Therefore, we pay a lot of attention to a correct hoof posture and healthy hooves. During the time of rehabilitation, some clinical pictures need to be supported by orthopaedic shoeing. The main goal is to return to the normal shoeing as soon as possible.

    The licenced blacksmith Peter Ogrizovic assists us with his wide experience.

    We are a member of the EDHV ( ) and participate at annual symposia and further education.







    Aqua therapy
    Therapeutic Products

    Application in the medical therapy:

    Respiratory infection
    Troubles with the metabolism
    Troubles with the perfusion
    Injuries of the locomotive system
    Degenerative disease of muscles, tendons and joints

    Application possibilities in prevention:

    Improvement of the blood flow
    Increased intake of oxygen
    Activation of the metabolism
    Relaxation of the muscles before the training
    Stimulation of the lymphatic system
    Increased strength of immune system
    Reducing time of regeneration and recovering phase
    Increase of vitality and power
    We are liable to voice the following advice: