Aqua therapy

Powerful horses by efficient and careful training:
The Aqua therapy makes it possible.


Mode of operation:


Constructive training that is conscientious of your horse’s physical condition after injury and disease.

The individually adjusted height of water relieves tendons and joints by carrying  

Cooling the extremities


Blood flow and stimulation (Kneipp-Kur-Effekt)


Shortening the recovery time after injury and diseases


Reduces the risk concerning new injuries by controlled motion


Effective but careful build up of muscles


Loosening and strengthening of back muscles and hind muscles, which causes a further improvement of the back's work


Improvement of your horse's condition


Motivation for overworked and unmotivated horses


The system:

The aqua trainer is built up similar to a container. It holds a “treadmill”, the tempo can be individually regulated to suit each horse. The aqua trainer is filled with water – the horse walks against the pressure of the water. If the water height is low, the horse will always try to step over the surface of the water. This leads to an intensive effect of training: Through the intense lifting of the extremities, the back arches and an equal motion develops. The front walls of the container are lowered to allow the horse to be able to observe his surroundings even when the head and neck are lowered, which promotes calm and relaxed work. Injured extremities are relieved by the water's carrying effect. This is why it enables a careful rehabilitating phase.


Further advantage on the account of modern engineering:

The level entry and exit in a forward direction guarantees safety and horse kindness

Padding inside

Absolute level treadmill without lateral slopes


The course of the aqua therapy:

Before we start with the real aqua training the horse is accustomed to the treadmill in the container without water. After this phase of accustoming we begin filling the aqua trainer with water. The water height and the duration of the training are adapted to the physical condition of the horse. When the aqua therapy has finished, the water drains and the horse is guided straight out of the aqua trainer forward.

The legs are washed with a special lotion and the hooves are greased carefully. Under a solarium with an integrated hot air system the horse can relax and dry. After the grooming it is guided to the stable.



Aqua therapy
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