Improvement in performance, muscle development, supplementary exercise and mobility, are all essential for a healthy and successful horse.  
Strength and mobility for riding and sport horses
Doping-free and joint-conserving muscle development
Preparation for the competition season
Preparation for licensing and mare testing

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Strength and suppleness for riding and sport horses ...

Jumping riders talk about a better and more powerful jump technique.

Dressage riders appreciate a better carrying capacity in collected movements and suppleness.

A diversified exercise program is necessary for successful athletics. Only a well-trained and supple body can live up to the always rising expectations.

We can analyze limitations, lack of strength and shape or even problems with obedience and riding problems together with the rider to proceed directly on the correct path. Horse and rider, both profit from this.

Through our experience we know that the aqua-trainer plays an important roll. In contrast to the rehabilitation patients, we use the work in the water as strength training. By changing the height of the water, we can achieve a specific musculature.

The hind quarters are strengthened which improves the carrying capacity and the balance. The spinal motility improves through the unhindered work (without bridle or saddle). The horse leans against the resistance of the water with its forehand and by this stretches the back musculature. Shape and strength are developed gently.

A combination of physiotherapy, magnetic fiel therapy and/or electro-therapy is worthwhile.

The usual exercise under the rider or at the longing can be continued.


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Doping-free and joint-conserving muscle development...  


... a current matter: Competitiveness without overloading the horse's health or using medication. You will find a joint-conserving but effective exercise program when working with us. If you wish, we can support the program with magnetic field therapy, acupuncture and physiotherapy.


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Preparation for the competition season...


... fit and invigorated into the upcoming season.




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Preparation for licensing and mare exhibitions...


Stallions and mares being pursued to be approved for breeding and licensing begin work much too early in life. They are expected to look well-muscled and healthy while showing off their terrific movements in an exhausting licensing program. The development program can be well assisted by aqua-training.  



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We offer our exercise and therapy programs stationary or you can bring your horse when an appointment is made.

If your horse is placed in our care, a combination of hand-walking, longing, riding and turnout in a paddock is possible.






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